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Author: TW

'The name's Blog, James Blog... licenced to quill.'

No chit-chat?

James Bond came round groggily from his heavy sedation. Twelve hours previously Dr Jacqueline Hyde had injected him with an almost lethal combination of chloral hydrate and glucose. The canceling out effect of the sleep inducing chemical, combined with the stimulation of the sugar, confused the body’s nerve receptors, resulting in disorientating imbalance and…

Smashing… positively smashing.

The view from Bond’s hotel room was sensational. The early morning sunlight blazed eagerly through the heavy Venetian blinds, and with it came the warm humid air blowing from across the Bosphorus, which glinted in the light just a few yards away. The magnificent river sparkled serenely, embellished by the Moorish influenced architecture dotted…